Fall Update (New Music Abounds!)

Over the course of this year, we've been working on an album of original Japanese worship songs and hymns along with brothers and sisters in Christ at the house church we meet at in Wako-shi (which my father-in-law pastors). It has been a joy to see everyone at Wako Bible Chapel using their individual creative gifts to make this project come together, and I’m happy to announce that the CDs have finally arrived from the pressing service! The record is titled "Shukufuku no Sakazuki" (祝福の盃 - Cup of Blessing). All of the songs were sourced straight from scripture and were written by Shin Hattori, one of the elders at our church, and melodies were written by my father in law Dai Masaki and my wif

1 Year Japaniversary!

As of today, I have been in Japan for one year! Settling into a new lifestyle as a missionary, integrating into a completely different society, taking on a new language and learning the marriage life all at once has been an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to God’s plans for the future. I’ve also been blessed to make some wonderful connections with others in the ministry who have helped me to discover more about the unique issues facing the church here. I sense that there is a shift happening in the way people are focusing on ministry in Japan. I personally have began to understand more about my own role here and why God has given me a heart for building up the body of Christ, as m

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