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Musical Feature on CGNTV Japan's "Holy Sessions"

My wife and I recently had the joy of sharing some songs on CGNTV, a Christian television station here in Japan. The program is called "Holy Sessions" and is hosted by Christian songwriter/musician Jun Sasaki. Typically, the show hosts songwriters and they tell how their songs were inspired, so we shared about how these songs were written and produced as a congregation and how we hope to encourage other congregations to create together, being filled with the Word and the truth of Christ.

Note: The contents of the video are 90% Japanese. I was actually their first native English speaking guest, so there's some English. :)

Songs: 1. 溢れる喜び (Overflowing Joy) 2. 光はイエス・キリスト (The Light is Jesus Christ)

3. 御手に安らぐ (At Ease in God's Hands)

Thank you to Jun Sasaki and the crew at CGNTV for allowing us the time to share, and to all the brothers and sisters at Wako Bible Chapel and abroad who helped make these songs. And again, thank you to those who have supported us in our ministry through prayer and through giving. NIWA is a 501c3 non-profit ministry through A.C.T. International. If you would like to help support us in our work to build up the body of Christ in Japan, please see the donation page.

Much love in Christ,

Kyle and Ai

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